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Associate Minister's Blog

Post date: Aug 26th 2014

Here is a letter I wrote to the Metro Council last month after they failed to pass a fairness ordinance. 8 council members voted for continuing discrimination. 4 opposed it.

Post date: Jul 29th 2014

This month marks two years that I have served as your assistant minister, and it seemed a good time to reflect. Let me start by saying that it has been an absolute honor to serve you.

Post date: Jun 27th 2014

The United States was founded as a Unitarian Universalist nation.

Post date: May 28th 2014

 I was 23 years old and living in Austin when the doors were locked. I walked around the building and pulled on every handle, but they were all securely latched shut.

Post date: May 1st 2014

Welcome to our newest volunteer staff member, Janina Fuller. As our church grows it can become harder to navigate and find your way.

Post date: Mar 26th 2014

Last year we held a liturgically unique and significant worship service to honor the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

Post date: Feb 25th 2014

 This was a letter I submitted to the Advocate. As of this newsletter date, it has not been printed. I thought you should know where I am with the proposed St. George breakaway.

Post date: Jan 31st 2014

  have been a fan of The Reverend Dr. Rebecca Parker for a while. I am excited that she will be speaking to our church later this month (February 7-9).

Post date: Dec 28th 2013

 Starting Monday January 6th, I will be honoring a week of silence. Sunday night before I go to bed, I will turn off my phone, say goodnight, and not speak, watch TV, listen to the radio, or consume media for the next week. The following Sunday, I will preach on the experience.

Post date: Nov 26th 2013

Looking for some last minute Christmas ideas? Did you intentionally miss the Black Friday rush because you were protesting its overt commercialism or its intrusion onto Thanksgiving Day? Are you just looking for more spiritually healthful Christmas gifts?