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Post date: Jan 29th 2020

Asylum Seekers Project(Wayne Parker).

Post date: Dec 5th 2019

Following a hectic November, in which we were involved in Together Baton Rouge’s Get Out the Vote campaign, (involving some 20 phone bankers and canvassers), and hosted Annexation Day, (enabling neighborhoods to petition to annex to Baton Rouge), we look forward to a relatively “normal” holiday s

Post date: Dec 5th 2019

In the light of the recent elections, we are involved in two initiatives: 1) Get Out The Vote in the November 16 election. We recognize that the outcome will profoundly affect our social justice agenda.

Post date: Oct 7th 2019

Next Election Date: October12  

Post date: Sep 3rd 2019

St. George- We have information available supporting our position opposing the creation of St. George as a separate city. Contact David.

Post date: Aug 14th 2019

Stonewall Still Rising - Last month, a memorial gathering was held commemorating the 50th anniversary of the event that began the LGBTQ civil rights movement, the Stonewall Rebellion.

Post date: Jul 13th 2019

At our meeting on June 23, we resolved to submit to the board a resolution for the church to take a position opposing the incorporation of St. George as a separate city. If they approve, it will then go to the congregation for a vote. Stay tuned for details!

Post date: Jul 13th 2019

Together Baton Rouge conducted a Civic Academy on Criminal Justice and Police Reform for our church on May 16. 43 people attended.

Post date: Apr 27th 2019

A highlight this month will be a Together Baton Rouge Civic Academy on Criminal Justice Reform, to be held Thursday, May 16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the sanctuary.