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October 2019 Associate Minister's Column by The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan

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Some of you have been asking, so I will officially confirm it here: Lauren and I are expecting another child this November. We are very excited. This congregation has been very respectful throughout the pregnancy, and I am quite grateful for that. Just as last time, the church has generously offered me two months of parental leave. Right now I plan to take the first month with Lauren right after the baby is born. I plan to take the other month after Lauren goes back to work from her parental leave. 

While I am away, most ministerial duties will be taken by Reverend Joel Miller and the Pastoral Care Associates. We’ve already filled the worship schedule according to what we guess my time away will be. When there is a pastoral emergency, still call the church. We will make sure you are taken care of. Because I expect to be quite sleep deprived, it’s best that all communication with me should happen through Rev. Miller.   

Of course, we do not know exactly when this will happen: this thing is out of our hands right now. My best guess is that I will be gone for the months of November and February. 

I am very grateful and will miss all of you while I am away.