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August 2019 Social Justice By David Lindenfeld & Janet Moulder, Co-Chairs

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Stonewall Still Rising - Last month, a memorial gathering was held commemorating the 50th anniversary of the event that began the LGBTQ civil rights movement, the Stonewall Rebellion. Despite a major thunderstorm an hour beforehand and a treefall blocking the road, this event was a success and was covered by local television, print and radio media. This event, called Stonewall Still Rising, was the result of organizing, co-sponsoring and donation of facilities by church members.

Las Carmelas update - At a national level, Greyhound Bus company has asked for groups feeding the incoming asylum seekers to not enter the bus stations. While they cited “complaints” in other states, in our conversations with Greyhound corporate, they also mentioned their concerns for the companies’ liability for groups coming into the bus stations and their companies’ responsibility to make sure the migrants are safe and not exploited. We are continuing to work with Greyhound on what we can do to assuage their concerns and to return to provided snacks and necessities to the migrants. This was not a local issue; we have been welcomed by the local bus station’s staff. But at this time, we have halted these volunteer efforts.

Other Migrant Assistance
Nathalia Rocha Dickson, an immigration lawyer from Brazil will speak at our church on Sunday, August 25 at 1pm.  There will be food to hold you over, after the second service. 

We invited her to help us decide whether and how we could help to alleviate the injustice and suffering caused by the migration crisis.

St. George - Information sessions on the St. George incorporation - Sunday, August 18 in the church office, following the first and second services.  We especially invite church members who live in the St. George area to participate.

At our June meeting, the Social Justice Team voted to go on record as opposing the incorporation of St. George. To help devise a follow-up strategy, we invited M.E. Cormier of One BTR to address our July meeting. She emphasized the need for action to inform residents of the consequences of incorporation; without this, the measure is likely to pass. She provided a wealth of information which points to opposing incorporation. As for strategy, she encouraged targeted canvassing (we have information collected from the last campaign), phone banking, and small-town meetings in people’s houses to disseminate the information.