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April 2019 Temporarily Yours by The Reverend Beth Miller

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I’m very glad we’ve found a way to honor at least part of UUCB’s initial agreement with Nathan concerning sabbatical. The UUA recommends, and his agreement states, that ministers accrue one month of sabbatical for each year of service, to be taken every four to seven years. Nathan has seven years accrued and would have taken it this year until the announcement of Steve’s retirement made that impractical. With the congregation in transition through the interim period, it will continue to be impractical through that time.  The question of Nathan being called as the next senior minister will be addressed according to the UUA process within that timeframe, but whether that happens or not, sabbatical will still be impractical for a time thereafter.  This plan of annual mini-sabbaticals during the transition, with first me and then Reverend Joel Miller in place to cover his duties, gives Nathan at least part of what he is due with minimal disruption to the congregation.  How he plans to spend that time (see his column) will serve both Nathan and the congregation as the transition journey unfolds.

Our Social Justice Director, Jane Webb, is moving away.  She and her husband, Rick, will be missed and although they will visit, Jane can no longer serve in that capacity.  We are grateful for her service.  I’ve asked David Lindenfeld and Janet Moulder, both very active in and committed to social justice, to become co-directors and they have agreed to serve.  As I’ve gotten to know about the many social justice projects UCBR is directly involved with and supports, I’ve been impressed and excited to become involved as time permits.  

April brings Holy Week and Earth Day. Our Holy Week observances begin on Palm Sunday 4/14, continues with the annual Tenebrae service on Thursday, 4/18 at 7pm, and concluded on Easter Sunday, 4/21.  Earth Day is 4/22 and our service on the following Sunday, 4/28 will consider the blessings earth-centered religious traditions have given us. Enjoy the many blessings of April!