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March 2019 Social Justice by Betty Powers, Team Member

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Our shared offering recipient for the month of March 2019 is Planned Parenthood.

Las Carmelas Migrant Assistance Program (LCMAP).  We have been assisting Ginna Paredes and David Bickmeier with their ministry of meeting Greyhound busses containing migrants that are coming from the border with Mexico and traveling thru Baton Rouge. Our LCMAP volunteers distribute approximately 30-45 bags containing water, fruit and snack bars per day. The Greyhound bus company has begun to welcome the group's assistance, so that our volunteers are now able to either get on the buses or call the migrants off long enough to get food sacks and help them understand the papers they have been given.  LCMAP will be tabling on Sundays, in the Fellowship Hall. For donation information, contact Liz Hamlin at

The Social Justice Team will support Dawn Collins with an event with which she has been involved for nine years, Roots Camp.  This year Dawn will host the pre-conference event on Friday, March 8, 6:00 p.m. in our church sanctuary, featuring a film viewing of "Women of Cancer Alley" with a panel discussion to follow that showing. The public is invited. The rest of the conference will be held at Southern University Law Center from March 910. It is an “unconference” for community activists in Louisiana.  This is its tenth year.  

You will find more information at

The TBR Delegates Assemblyis Tuesday, March 12, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the University Baptist Church. UCBR has pledged to have 35-50 members attend! For information about the Assembly, contact: David Lindenfeld, 225-766-1983,

The next meeting of Social Justice Team will be Sunday, March 10, 12:45 p.m. in the church office.