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November 2018 Outreach by Becky Cureau

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The Greater Baton Rouge Bank's website notes that it "would be unable to provide food to the many children, seniors and families facing hunger in our community without thousands of volunteer hours each year." Volunteers from our church help to provide some of those hours, as was the case when our team of fifteen volunteers spent the morning on Saturday, October 27 helping to sort commodities for delivery to the agencies that distribute food to centers from which those individuals and families get their boxed allotments.  Our team included: Kayla Bourg, Bryan Costello, Liz Hamlin, Jackie Hoffman-McDaniel, Sandy Hubbard, Dottie Kelly, Joy McCord, Sam McCord, Melonie Pryer, MiJa Thompson, and Zina Zheludkova. Teens Sarah Buchanan, Hannah Buchanan, River Costello, and Gavin Taylor brought extra energy to the morning's work. Thanks volunteers, for serving on behalf of our church and doing your part to help get food to those who depend on the Food Bank to help provide their  families.

In addition to routine distribution of food for children, seniors, and families, the Baton Rouge Food Bank helps to  brighten the holiday meals of its recipients with foods for holiday meals. Please help in this effort with your donations of staple food items like green beans, peas, pumpkin, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pie fillings; and boxed items like stuffing mixes, cornbread, cake, and cookie mixes. Or think of foods that your family would enjoy for a Thanksgiving meal. Thanks as always for your generosity.