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What's Happening in Religious Education on April 30?

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9:30 am

 Little Sundays of Surprises (Age 3- Grade K)

 The Rainbow Connection: We Care for Insects

 This class explores the value of citizenship and the importance of caring for wildlife. We will read Butterfly House by Eve Bunting, and make a Butterfly Wand.

 Big Sundays of Surprises (Grade 1-6)

 UU Super Heroes: Olympia Brown (1835 - 1926), Of Course a Woman Can Be a Minister.

 The children will meet a Unitarian who was the first woman to graduate from theological school and the first woman to become a full-time minister.

 11:15 am

 Sparks Preschool/Flames (Age 3 – Grade 1)

Creating Home: Our Worship Home

This week’s lesson will help introduce to the children the rich Unitarian Universalist worship heritage.

 Blazes (Grades 2-3) & Mysteries (Grades 4-5)

 Harry and UU: Care of Magical Creatures

 This Sunday the class will care for a real world magical creature, the hummingbird. We will also talk about the Mirror of Erised and the Cloak of Invisibility.

 Questioners Middle Youth (Grades 6-7)

 Traditions with a Wink: Creating Worship (after the Passages Youth share their Credos)In this class, Middle Youth will begin learning about tools for creating a worship service, and will give class members a sense that they can create worship for each other and others.

 Passages (Grade 8)

 Coming of Age:

 The youth in the Passages Coming of Age class will share their Credos (philosophies of life) with the congregation at both services.

 Seekers Senior Youth (Grades 9-12)

 Neighboring Faiths

 After the Passages Youth share their Credos with the congregation, they will join with the Senior Youth to plan summer activities and think about curricula for the Fall.