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What's Happening in Religious Education on March 19?

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9:30 am

Little Sundays of Surprises (Age 3- Grade K)

The Rainbow Connection: Don’t Interrupt!

This class explores the value of fairness and taking turns, and why we shouldn’t interrupt others. We will read Interrupting Chickens by David Ezra Stein, and make our own “interrupting chickens.”

Big Sundays of Surprises (Grade 1-6)

UU Super Heroes: Christopher Reeve (1952-2004) Super Man becomes a Super Hero

The children will learn about a famous Unitarian abolitionist, and hear how sometimes even well respected people have a hard time doing the right thing.

11:15 am

Sparks Preschool/Flames (Age 3 – Grade 1)

Creating Home: Hare’s Gifts

This week the children will learn about communities as places within which we can also establish homes, places where people are together for a purpose.

The children will hear the story, “Hare’s Gifts,” and decorate “log drums.”

Blazes (Grades 2-3)

Free to Believe: We Have a Right to Vote

This lesson helps children understand that voting gives us a voice in making important choices. The children will experience voting for something, and learning about Susan B. Anthony, an important Unitarian from the past.

Mysteries (Grades 4-5)

Harry and UU: Charms

In this week’s class the children will make “spiders” flee and learn to make a time-turner.

Questioners Middle Youth (Grades 6-7)

Traditions with a Wink: The Golden Rule

In this class, Middle Youth become familiar with the “Golden Rule” by reading bible verses, and understand it’s universality by learning about similar rules in other religions.

Passages (Grade 8)

Coming of Age: Our Unitarian Universalist Story

This week the youth will dramatize the life experiences of a few Unitarian Universalist ancestors, and analyze historical scenarios for common themes of UU beliefs, values, and Principles.

Seekers Senior Youth (Grades 9-12)

Neighboring Faiths: Integrating Islam and Visit to Mosque

In this class the youth will reflect on their visit to the Islamic Center of Baton Rouge, and explore their thoughts and feelings about how Muslims practice their faith. The class will welcome a visitor from the group Globally Conscious Youth of Baton Rouge.