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What's Happening in Religious Education on October 16?

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9:30 am

Little Sundays of Surprises (Age 3- Grade K)

The Rainbow Connection: Being a Good Friend

In this session the children will explore how to be a good friend. It is the fourth session of the unit on the Second UU Principle (Orange): “We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly.” We will read A Home for Bird by Philip Stead and make bird puppets.

Big Sundays of Surprises (Grade 1-6)

What Connects Us?: Love is Accepting

This session introduces a part of the fourth Source of Unitarian Universalism, "Jewish and Christian teachings which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves” by exploring a story from Hebrew scripture. The children will build awareness of gender bias and how it can harm everyone.  

11:15 am

Sparks Preschool/Flames (Age 3 – Grade 1)

Wonderful Welcome: The Gift of Helping

This session explores the concept of the interdependent web by showing the children how they can help people they have never met.

Blazes (Grades 2-3)

Super Heroes of the Bible: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba - the royal sport of riddles.

The children will have the opportunity to enjoy some riddles together, experience the opulence of Solomon’s court, and consider the concept of interdependence in that all creatures need the help of and give help to others.

Mysteries (Grades 4-5)

Harry and UU: Fighting the Hunger Horcrux

The children will hold a food drive during worship called “It’s Scary to Be Hungry” to benefit the Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Questioners Middle Youth (Grades 6-7)

Riddle and Mystery: Speaking of Fair

This week the program poses the Big Question "Is Life Fair?” and demonstrates how some UUs have worked to protest or correct unfair situations.

Passages (Grade 8)

Coming of Age: The Web of Interdependence

This week the youth will explore their connections to each other using the concept of interdependence. They will learn that one definition of spirituality is our relationship to the known and unknown.

Seekers Senior Youth (Grades 9-12)

Neighboring Faiths: Visit to a Lutheran Church

The Senior Youth will visit St. Paul’s Lutheran Church as part of their learning about Protestantism.