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The Ten Points on Taking it Easy for the Holidays ~from 11/30 sermon~ "1) The Eastern Orthodox church resisted the Roman church on naming 12/25 the birth of Jesus and we can too. 2) Establish some simple rules about gift giving. 3) Add and look for humor. Harvey Fierstein became Mrs. Claus for the Macy's parade. Loosen those holiday expectations. 4) Be subversive. My grandparents were when they broke the family rules. 5) Write a poem. Make a journal entry. 6) Find something over which to shed a tear or you will go crazy. 7) Take some positive action on behalf of your state of mind. 8) Look into the dark, the unconscious, and be not afraid to do so. 9) Be honest about what you want. 10) Take courage for yourself and instill courage in others. Maintain your values and integrity. Lagniappe tip: remember there are those for whom this will be their last Christmas. So be real." Next year, while on leave, I will be free from parish responsibilities except for three types of emergencies: 1) impending death of one of our members, 2) a funeral or memorial service within our congregation and, 3) an institutional emergency. The ministers, officers, or staff members will be able to reach me in one of these eventualities. Our sabbatical ministers will be in charge of other rites of passage, counseling, worship services, and other responsibilities of parish ministry.