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Do we celebrate Christmas here? The General Court of Massachusetts in the 17th century passed a law that stated: ". . . anybody who is found observing, by abstinence from labour, feasting or any other way, any such days as Christmas Day, shall pay for every such offence five shillings." Recognizing the pagan roots of Christmas, many of the early Protestants, tried to abolish the holiday. The Puritans in this country called it a "wanton Bacchanalian feast." Here in our church, we sing the carols, trim the tree, tell the stories, ring the bells, light the candles and tune the instruments. This year, The Impromptu Pageant is back on the Sunday before Christmas. We observe the Winter Solstice in story, ritual and spiral dance. On Christmas Eve, the bell choir returns with carols and voice choir in awesome candlelight. The holiday season is spectacular here. Bring your friends and bring an open heart. The Congregation on 11/23 approved a 2004 budget that included a special appeal to eliminate the current shortfall and deficit. Already several members are stepping forward to assist in making us whole. One member adding to her pledge was overheard saying, "This church is just too important to me." Members, Friends and Visitors, please do what you can to help make us whole. If there were no myths to accompany this season, we would surely create them now. The impulse to gather in homes during the darkest time of the year, light candles, huddle around fires, sing songs, reminisce, and share tasty foods, is built into our natures as human beings. We'll find depth in this rich season if we are mindful and open. See you in church. Not all is cheery and bright for folks we know. You may want to help them by attending our Wellness Seminar here at church on December 1. (See article inside)