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That Newsweek cover story (11/10) on religion and science is fascinating. The National Institute of Health threw out many studies purporting benefits of religion, citing faulty methodologies etc. but one solid study revealed a correlation of church attendance and longevity. Church attendees appear to live longer -by a factor of 25% longer- than those who do not attend. Researchers used brain scans, for example, and detected a lowering of heart rates and blood pressure through meditation. One study on forgiveness published at the University School of Public Health found that "people who forgive easily tend to enjoy greater psychological well-being and have less depression than those who hold grudges." For years we've known that most accidents happen at home, so I've suggested that folks get to church where accidents are less likely to happen. And if you were to be involved in an accident at church, think of all the angels in the congregation who would lift you up and come to your assistance. Does church attendance increase longevity? We can't say. Maybe folks feel so good having survived so long that they want to express their thanksgiving in a place of worship. Makes perfect sense to me. And as for forgiveness -well, is there any reader of this column who has not seen evidence of how the unforgiving heart eats itself alive? I was not aware of my having been nominated for the minister of the year award bestowed upon me by our district. It was a total surprise. I feel deeply honored. Remember to VOTE for Governor on Saturday, 11/5, and VOTE Sunday, 11/23 at our congregational meeting.