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Crump's Concern

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As of press time we are still lacking $90,000 to make our budget for 2004. The officers of your church continue to be hopeful that those who have not yet pledged will do so this Sunday. See a member of the Canvass Team (who will be in the church office after services) and sign your pledge card. Please do rise to the occasion. The officers of our church can assure you that nothing extravagant and nothing superfluous is planned for next year. We simply need to pay our bills, which we have done every year since the founding of this Fellowship. I am hopeful that each member will come forward with a generous pledge. I experience our congregation as generous, hopeful and particularly hardworking. The Worship Guild is already at work on the year-end service honoring famous women and men who died in year 2003. The Finance Committee -a team of volunteers ---continues to toil over numbers. Balancing the budget is a spiritual enterprise of a high order. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our entire membership. On Sunday morning, teachers, with lesson plans in hand, greet children by name, and re-connect with parents. These teachers -all volunteers-- are practicing a spiritual discipline also. Years later we occasionally meet the young adults who grew up in our Sunday School and greet them again with a sense of pride. Look, more volunteers are arriving --for the Bazaar marketplace on the 14th & 15th and for the Thanksgiving Dinner on the 23rd. I hope we fill up the place for the congregational meeting and the dinner that day. Be thankful that you are alive. Be thankful that you can give thanks. Be thankful for the fine work of so many volunteers, named and unnamed, in our church.