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Do things tend to come together or fall apart? That's a question of physics, philosophy and how hydrated I am before I start out on a morning run. Religion, too, plays a roll in answering the question. Since I can't fix people and can't change them, I take a certain pleasure in fixing things. In that spirit, I share my list of glues or substances that work like glues which I have on hand in my shop in my humble effort to postpone entropy: Great Stuff (good for filling but really sticks to things); glass glue; Pit Stop auto windshield glue (for repairing chips when your insurance company won't pay); JB Weld; marine adhesive; and, of course, the standbys of Superglue and Elmer's. I'm trying to pick up an endorsement fee from these companies, but so far it looks as if, once again, the operation of our church will depend upon the generosity of our membership to pay bills through good and solid pledges. The word religion comes from a root word which means to bind and to bring together. The glue in our community is the meeting face-to-face, sharing with one another, attending child dedications and memorial services, enjoying the children when they sing, growing spiritually, learning about the needs of others beyond ourselves, and helping others. Belonging is a worthy endeavor. As far as imagination can see, and as long as human nature remains what it is, the need for such a community will be everlasting. Belong, be blessed and see you in church. The Day of the Dead commemorative services on Sunday, November 2, feature the photos and memorabilia of persons in our lives whom we remember but are now deceased. Members of the congregation will be called upon to place the photos on a prepared altar and then, at the end of the morning, are asked to take their photos home with them. A colorful film on El dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead in Mexico) is scheduled for showing between the worship services at 9:40 AM.