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Babette’s Feast is a visual treat. I hope you are able to see the film before Sunday, October 10. It is one film on my top ten list. It is full of meaning and poignant lessons. Our Branches groups have a study session devoted to the film and one of its key themes, transformation. It is said that people rarely dine at home any more. They graze. Here is a film that tells families to sit down together, soul to soul. You’ll find many great lessons in the film. Enjoy life.

Where does Reverend Crump get his information? When I was interviewed on the WRKF Jim Engster show last month, I was not making up the fact that Jesus and Mary and her family are referenced directly in the Qur’an. Another minister who was interviewed on that same program wondered aloud where I was getting my information. From a reading of the first two Suras of the Qur’an, that’s where. My point was that anyone who destroys the Qur’an was simultaneously desecrating the holy name of Jesus and his mother. You may enjoy listening to the 29 minute edited version of the show. Go to and click on AUDIO, then click on Interviews: Jim Engster Show, September 9, 2010. Aliveness. One of the activities that will not be afforded us when we are gone is our ability to give. Giving is a sign of our aliveness. Our church pledge drive is on. Our expectation is that every member family and Friend will make a pledge to our 2011 budget and make that pledge a respectable contribution, one in which you have a sense of pride. Your pledge is a sign of your commitment to seeing the church thrive, to be sure, but it is also a sign of your aliveness. Local actor Oneal Isaac and I have been invited to perform Lincoln Lives at Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg, PA on Friday evening, October 1, at the opening of a Lincoln symposium featuring Lincoln author-historians. At last we get to meet playwright Kent Gramm and he gets to see his play performed for the first time in all three acts. Refrigerator door food for thought ~ I have yet to find a better definition of faith. Most definitions of faith get off on the wrong foot. They talk about beliefs. Author and philosophy professor, James L. Christian wrote a textbook I used when I taught philosophy in a community college, Philosophy: An Introduction to the Art of Wondering. Here’s his definition: “Faith is the courage to proceed to live –to exist as fully as possible– in terms of possibilities and probabilities, instead of absolutes and certainties.” Behold, Behold, Behold. What more can one say after a sago palm beaks forth and reaches to the sky from your front lawn at the end of summer?