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From what I read about the orb weaver spider (the Araneidae family), I can affirm from my own observation. She makes new shimmering, golden webs almost daily. I first greeted her in the spring and watched her grow all summer. I told exterminators to stay away from my friend. She doesn’t bother me. I don’t bother her. Except on one occasion while out pruning a crape myrtle, a branch ruined her home. I thought she would become indignant and set up residence at my neighbors. But alas, she built another awesome web on the other side of my home. I call her resilient, loyal, and delightful. She reminds me of church members whose homes were destroyed or nearly so, as they hung in there and came back to church to tell their story. She reminds me of members who have had some financial struggles and stayed connected to their church and Branches groups. We need one another. Our web is cast anew and renewed in ways that are not visible but especially noticeable in times of trouble. Here at church, our congregation came together to secure our campus last September. Our stewardship team launched the pledge drive in the midst of hurricane detritus and depressing economic headlines on the national scene. However, our resilient, committed members funded our church budget –yes, with some cuts to programming that deserve our restoration in year 2010. (We are under-funded on childcare this year, for example.) Please greet the upcoming pledge drive with thanksgiving, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Don’t hide, don’t slide, don’t chide – the stewardship volunteers are our sister and brother church members who help each year to re-fuel the operating budget. Thank them and be generous. Another booking ~ Oneal Isaac (Frederick Douglass) and I (Abe Lincoln) are scheduled to present the play Lincoln Lives at the Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation in Gettysburg, PA on the evening of Friday, October 2nd. The play begins a full weekend symposium on the subject of Lincoln. Details are posted on the church bulletin board and at