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Comments from Carol and Dwight

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We detest terrorism, but every week it seems like the current policy of the United States is just making things worse. We think there could be a reconsideration of why we are in Iraq; what our real goals might be; and how to go about achieving them. It will take patience and money and sacrifice and, perhaps, some compromise. We support democratic government, women's rights, religious pluralism but the situation in Iraq is not even close to that. Perhaps, it seems quintessentially irrelevant to append this paragraph to the above. But, basically, we believe that there are peaceful ways to work with people in the world to restore peace and move ahead. We believe that war and cruelty feeds on itself. Both sides can become more like the everybody loses. By contrast, a small group, last week, met at JoAnn and Charles Fryling's home to enjoy a "Transylvanian Feast fit for the King". We have placed the menu and the nine page historical review of history of the area in the rack alongside copies of our sermons. Please don't take it. Just look at it and replace it. Okay? There are many Unitarians in Transylvania; they are ethnic Hungarians in the Romanian State...but they are not at war. They are rebuilding their church and their land; they are educating their young people; and they have the support of other Unitarian Universalists in America. Who do you think will win in the long run? Cheers & Namaste, Dwight & Carol