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Comments from Carol and Dwight

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On May 5th, there was a good crowd of nice people at the Bienville House Awards Dinner where Paula Henderson was awarded the Peace Keeping award for the year. Lots of Unitarians were present. A good group from our Camphor Church Partnership met on Saturday morning, May 8th, at Southern University's Museum and were given a great tour of a really fine exhibit of African Art. Then we had beans and rice at the Early Risers Kiwanis Club lunch. Lots of Unitarians were there. Is there any place Unitarians cannot be found in Baton Rouge? I've told you my theory: the way to find out what Unitarians believe is to get to know some Unitarians. Y'all seem to know this already. We are what we are because of what we do, and do what we do because we are who we are. -Dwight This Friday, May 14th, I will be taping a 4 1/2 minute segment to be shown on the Around Town Morning Show on May 16th: Cox Channel 4 from 8 - 9am and the Metro Channel 21 from 9 - 10am. My segment will be What We Believe. Please wish me wisdom and courage. Please also forgive me for slips of the tongue. Steve said, "You guys do it". Dwight and I flipped a coin. -Cheers! Carol