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Process Theology Process Theology is both one of the newest ways to think and feel about the religious and one of the oldest. I want to talk with you about that. The next few times I am in your pulpit, I want to try and demonstrate how Process Theology has grown out of the past and gives some folks a way to get an overall look at the playing field ahead of time. You may have noted, in last weeks listing of Sunday Services, that I was planning to do something on "The Wheel of Life", on May 30th. This community has honored births, passages, marriages and other important events in the previous year around Memorial Day. I don't feel it is as appropriate for me to do thisand I would rather use a few of the Sundays I have left in your pulpit to do what I might to do better. We have tried to embrace those events in the Community's life, as they happened. In discussions with the Staff last week, there seemed to be agreement that we might better move on, for now. So, I will be talking about "The Genealogy of Process Theology" on May 30th; and asking the question "How are UU's especially suited for our times?" Dwight Smith