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"Thank You" Easter Service and Flower Communion, April 11: To each of you who brought flowers to share, thank you. To the Worship Associates who have helped with the flow of the Sunday Services since January, and continue to be willing to do so with such flair. To the choir, soloists and Ila Stoltzfus, whose sweet and inspiring sounds lift and sooth our spirits. To the youth who provided a beautifully done pancake breakfast after both services, giving us a special way to talk and be together on that rather gray day. To the ushers of the first service and the children in the second service who distributed the flowers at the end of the services. To the ushers at both services who kept track of beginnings and endings, and adjusted to a slightly different routine so easily. To the youth who hid the eggs and to the Religious Education leaders who made sure it happened. And, finally, thank you, to those who helped rearrange the chairs in the sanctuary both in and out of the circle, before and after. In each instance you know who you are. If we have failed to mention every aspect that made Easter morning work, please forgive us. The names of everyone are quite beyond us. The way you have rallied and given us help to keep this church humming along is, indeed, remarkable. The Cindy Ross Memorial Service, April 18: Thank you, to those of you who have kept in touch with the Ross family and helped gather pictures and other items for the Service, particularly folks from the Religious Education Department who, despite their shock and grief have kept going. To those who brought and arranged flowers in just the right way in just the right places, thank you. Again, to Ila Stoltzfus, thank you, for helping us get in touch with beauty in the midst of sadness as you put together just the right music for the Service, and to the Choir and Thomas Oswald. For the lavish amount and delicious quality of food for the reception, thank you. To those who came to usher or lend a hand, we could not have managed without you. To the children and adults who read words of appreciation written to Cindy just after she died; Cindy would have been touched. And to Rev. Steve Crump, thank you, for helping us all move through this hard time, affirming Cindy as well as the great gifts we each can bring to this exceptional congregation. Carol and Dwight