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"Green Sanctuary" On March 30th a few people gathered in the main office of the church shortly before 7pm. By 7:15 the place was packed with those who turned out for the 2nd meeting of those interested in action on behalf of the Environment. Action not just talk. We threw around various approaches. Almost all of the 16 people there had been or were currently members of an environmental organization; some were involved in personal or local projects. Some thought the group could be a clearing house for multiple directions. But, finally, by consensus they decided to become members of the Unitarian Universalist Seventh Principle Project which sponsors the Green Sanctuary Program. "Green Sanctuary includes goals of energy conservation, reducing consumption, reusing and recycling, as well as ecological religious education, worship and communications. Using the Green Sanctuary manual as a guide, a congregation works to become certified as a Green Sanctuary." Once the group agreed on what to pursue, they knew exactly what to do. A three person steering committee was chosen, an email list was established, a date for the next meeting set, and an outside speaker in May seemed a good idea. Let me tell you, it was an exciting meeting with some newcomers and some experienced members fully engaged and ready to go. All this in the midst of a very busy spring. I wonder, was their enthusiasm related not only to this spring but directed toward a more ecological future? Happy Baton Rouge Earth Day - April 18th! Cheers! Carol "Learning to Swim" I dreamt the other night that I was in my teens, at the swimming pool in Falls City, Nebraska. I saw some kids playing on the other side of the pool and so I slid into the pool and started for them. Unfortunately, I seemed to have forgotten how to swim and started to drown when the water got too deep. Then, I got the bright idea I would just relax and drink the water. That seemed to solve the problem. On one level the dream was a memory of something that almost happened years ago. On a deeper level, it was about my wish to do well in a "fully programmed" church where the folks could welcome Sabbatical Ministers; hold an auction; run a humongous garage sale that brought in hundreds of people, celebrate Easter, sing and play great music, and carry on all the other committee and small group sessions all at pretty much the same time. What I learned so long ago was not to fight it just dive in and "drink the water". Glub Glub Dwight