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Comments from Carol and Dwight

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"Such a Mix" Special Note: At this difficult time for Scott and Cindy Ross and their family, Dwight and I have been touched by the love and concern so many of you have shown. This church is truly a caring community. Next Sunday is Easter, the celebration of the renewal of life. We are surrounded by the marvels of flowering plants and the rich leafing out of the trees, glowing in easy sunlight. Part of the Easter celebration here is the Flower Communion, first introduced by Norbert Capek to his congregation in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1923. While he was in the United States during WWI, he discovered Unitarianism, attended seminary and returned to Prague an ordained Unitarian minister. As a way of unifying his congregation, as diverse as many of ours, Capek created the flower communion. Each of us will bring a flower or two. All the flowers will be combined into one display. Toward the end of the service the children will assist us in choosing another flower or two to take home with us, as was done that first time in Prague. Thus, we'll have a mixture of youth and beauty blending in with the diversity of flowers. During the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, Capek preached sermons extolling the independence and beauty of the human spirit and could not help but be critical of the invaders. Sadly his life ended in a Nazi concentration camp toward the end of World War II. So often we see life and death, hand in hand, breathing in - breathing out, as Dwight said last Sunday. We mourn the death of Cindy Ross in this most beautiful of springs. We celebrate Easter in the glory of springtime even as we are aware that in the Christian story a violent death has preceded a miraculous return to life. We are reminded life is not necessarily tidy or simple but more often a mixture of pain and joy. How we find our way through the mix is a highly individual matter. Even as we embrace life with every fiber of our being, we know that, inevitably, we must 'let it go." So be it, Carol