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Dreaming Your Way from the Darkness into Light When I was in my early 20's, I was the Adult Advisor for the Youth Group at the Fellowship in Houston. They loved to put on Conferences. I remember the "most of the night" sessions around the fire, singing songs, while the youngsters tried to put "the adults" to sleep. And I remember that it was a speaker at one of those conferences that told us about dreams. I have been working with dreams ever since. I have hundreds of them written down in journals. (The ones I call 'classic dreams'.) At one time, some dreams were thought to be the way That Which Has Been Called God spoke to us. Now, some dreams are thought to point the way to recovery of memories and feelings that can help us live fuller lives. I'm fascinated by the creative power of the dreamthe average person dreams about every ninety minutesand I just want to know a little more about what I'm up to all that time. I will be talking to you about dreams during the service on March 28th. After that some of you may want to meet, let's say, Monday evenings from 7 - 9pm, for at least four sessions, to find out where in the brain the dreams come from; what the symbols you used mean to you; how you can work with them to gain a greater appreciation of your own talents and drives. Whether some of you want to continue after that will be up to you. There is no book that will tell you "What your dreams mean." There are some general principlesbut each of us has our own experience out of which has come the way and meaning of each dream. It helps a lot if you write them down immediately upon awakening and if you talk about them to interested others. Namaste, Dwight