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"Credit Due & Received" Dick Haymaker, President of the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations, asked me to offer the Invocation at their Humanitarian Awards Ceremony on March 11, 2004. I was pleased to do so, especially, since Tom and Kathy Gess in addition to Rev. Charles T. Smith were given awards. Here is what I said: INVOCATION: "Spirit of Life, Great Mystery, God of Creation, we gather this evening to honor individuals who have given of themselves, their time and treasure to make this world a more fair and just place. This is the purpose of the Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations, itself. May each of you be blessed for the good and often unrewarded work that you see and do. At this time, let us give thanks for the essential goodness of the gift of life. We know each of us can create a better world in the choices we make in our everyday lives and by joining together in an organization such as this. We know that until all Earth's people enjoy freedom and justice, each of us is the poorer. Help us to stay in touch with the spirit of loving kindness, that we may be energized to continue on the path toward enhancing the lives of the citizens of Baton Rouge, so that the richness of potential and possibility for this city may be realized ever more fully in the days to come. Amen" Some of you have told me of being active members in the Council on Human Relations. I applaud your efforts. So many of you of UCBR are out there making a difference in the world in big and small ways. It all counts, never doubt it for a moment. -Carol