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By Ila Stoltzfus, Director of Music

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 Midsummer and it is already time for Gospel Choir rehearsals.  We begin on July 17, Wednesday evening from 6:30 until 8:00.    Gospel Choir Director Marie Flowers will be working again this year with Everrett Parker, M

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Reflections:  Music Sunday, June 2 showcases seven anthems that the choir has enjoyed singing this year.  The selection process involves some reflection as the choir members choose which seven anthems they each enjoyed.    I look at the lists, tally the

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    Several years ago, math professor Ron Rutherford gave the church a Kwai piano and Baldwin electronic harpsichord built in the 1960s.   The few harpsichords that were built at this time were used by groups like the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  When t

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By Ila Stoltzfus, Director of Music


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  The five Sundays in March are filled with different styles of music.   Our Blues service on March 3 will feature a variety of music within the Blues genre. 


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Our music during the month of January will include a return visit from Michael Dawkins

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And another year is coming to an end, but not until we have experienced 2012 Holiday Season.   Our month of celebration includes some beautiful music for our Sunday services and special events.