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A column from our Minister, The Reverend Steve J.  Crump

Post date: 01/26/2011 - 8:56pm
From Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant

It’s with great pleasure that I return to UCBR as the administrative assistant to the Religious Education program. I have such fond memories of my time here with the Hurricane Relief Project (minus the hurricane, of course) and I’ve really missed the church and the welcoming congregation.

 I will be on hand every week during worship service, Wednesday evenings for Wednesdays of Wonder and all special events requiring childcare. And I’ll be calling or emailing many of you to persuade you to volunteer with our awesome RE program.

If I haven’t met you already, please introduce yourself. I would love to meet each and every parent and child. And please stop in the office and say hello.

 Also, to make it easier for us to keep in touch in this social media age, we have Yahoo groups for the different age groups, so please join up or let me know and I will make sure you are included. We send out reminders to volunteers, class event news and other happenings through Yahoo and emails. UCBR also has a Facebook page titled UCBR DRE, so log on, connect and join the conversation.

 If you need to contact me through email, it’s My cell is (337) 781-0231.

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A Year of Celebrating Our Church History

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  A column from our Minister, The Reverend Steve J.  Crump

Refrigerator door philosophy. 


Where you stand determines what you are. 

What you listen to determines what you hear. 

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Adult Growth and Learning is planning classes to help participants learn to explain what it means to be a UU.  This came up often during the input phase (Cottage Meetings) of the Strategic Planning process and emerged as a goal.

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Babette’s Feast is a visual treat. I hope you are able to see the film before Sunday, October 10. It is one film on my top ten list. It is full of meaning and poignant lessons. Our Branches groups have a study session devoted to the film and one of its key themes, transformation.

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The pledge drive continues. Our goal is for participation from every member. Bring your signed pledge card to church. Receive from us a copy of the Walt Whitman art print by church member and artist Ross Jahnke. Every gift is important and needed. Thank you for your generosity.

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Were we too bold last month when we suggested the recession was nearly over? We noted Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s sightings of green shoots. Newsweek splashed its August cover with: The Recession is Over.
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From what I read about the orb weaver spider (the Araneidae family), I can affirm from my own observation. She makes new shimmering, golden webs almost daily. I first greeted her in the spring and watched her grow all summer. I told exterminators to stay away from my friend. She doesn’t bother me. I don’t bother her. Except on one occasion while out pruning a crape myrtle, a branch ruined her home. I thought she would become indignant and set up residence at my neighbors. But alas, she built another awesome web on the other side of my home. I call her resilient, loyal, and delightful.