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Introducing The Reverend Beth Williams, Director of Religious Education, who begins here in June

Greetings and good wishes to you all. My name is Beth Williams and I am honored to have been chosen to serve this congregation as your next Director of Religious Education.

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~ a column from our Minister, The Reverend Steve J.  Crump

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Did you miss our men singing Hard Times?  

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I loved reading this at the 2010 June Music Service. As a congregation, you were so supportive, right down to laughing at the right places. Many of you have asked for copies of the piece.  Here it is.  

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by President John Barr

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By Ila Stoltzfus, Music Director 

Dateline: June 1. 2011

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by Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant

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Sweet Sixteen Historical Affirmations of our UU Tradition

(by Roy Philips, UU minister) 

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Stewarding our Church