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Membership at UCBR

How Do I become a Member?

You would naturally want to attend our church for some time and get acquainted with its history and its principles. We are a creedless church which means there is no theological or creedal test for membership. Your signature on our membership card means you wish to enter into a relationship of continuing dialogue on living the spiritual life, a life that serves others in some way, a life that is supportive of a religious movement such as ours.

If you have been attending the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge on a regular basis and are considering membership, we welcome you. Membership is open to individuals 14 years of age and older, whatever their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical challenge, or past religious affiliation.  The formal act of becoming a member of the church consists of signing a membership card and being welcomed by the Board. Board policies require that you have a conversation with the minister first and our minister's recommendation is that you meet this requirement by taking a Roots Class.

We take church membership very seriously--something that merits a thoughtful consideration of its obligations and responsibilities. Members are expected to be involved in the church program, to attend worship services and congregational meetings as they are able, and to contribute financially to the church.

If you have further questions about membership in this church, please contact one of our ministers. They will be happy to discuss church membership with you.

The Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Membership Card

The membership of this church is dedicated to support the free and disciplined search for truth as the foundation of religious fellowship; to affirm, defend, and promote the supreme worth and dignity of every human personality; to contribute to the vision of a world community founded on values of tolerance, justice, and peace; to provide a focus for significant ethical and social issues, supporting individual conscience and responsibility as the ultimate moral authority; to form a community of mutual concern, serving the needs of its members, and providing opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment; and to celebrate life by worshipping together freely. I promise to support the church with my presence, my gifts, and my service.

Five expectations of membership at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge

We have five expectations of membership at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. These are different from requirements. The only requirement of membership is that one fills out a card declaring sympathy with purpose of this church and is welcomed by a majority of the board. The expectations are much more extensive and map out a path to right engagement with Unitarian Universalism. Here are those 5 expectations.

Worship Together. We expect that you are here with us. We gather together to give thanks for this world, to grieve loss and support each other. Worshipping together means being a part of that supportive community. It also means sharing your experiences and ways of understanding the great mysteries of life and God with us.

Be Generous. Nothing in this church exists without the generosity of our membership. Every chair, hymnal, and shingle on the roof came from the gifts of a member or friend. Because this is not a top-down church, there is no higher denominational entity giving money to the church. Rather, we give a percentage of our budget to other Unitarian Universalist churches and non-profits that are doing good work that is inline with our values. Generosity is not about a number. It is not about an amount, or a quantity of time given (giving of your talents is a form of generosity). No one but you and your family will know what is the “right” amount to give. We are only as strong as you are generous. The more of your time, talent and treasures you give, the farther this salvific message can reach.

Be in Covenant. We expect that you will be with us and stay engaged. This is a promise that you will not pack up and leave as soon as being together gets difficult, or life becomes complicated. Church is the opportunity to practice building the world we dream of. This means being engaged in a loving way come hell or high water. It means letting us know when things are tough so that we can be with you.

Make the World a Better Place. We expect that you will make yourself a blessing to the world. This could be through advocacy and community organizing like our work with Together Baton Rouge. It could be through community service like signing up to go with church members and serve food at St. Vincent DePaul’s.

Be open to transformation. This does not mean that we expect that you will be transformed by this church. We have no power over that. Rather, we expect that you are open to the ways this church and life will transform you, and know that you aren’t in it alone.