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Post date: Sep 30th 2018
Questions for Self-Reflection:

What are the ways UCBR currently involves adults and the adult community in caring for and helping form the faith of children and teens (e.g., education programs, social-recreational programs)?  How can we build on this to create stronger mi

Post date: Aug 30th 2018

By Kathy E. Smith, Director of Family Ministry

Post date: Jul 29th 2018

Post date: Jul 2nd 2018

Family ministry aims to support families of all configurations by modeling how to bring our faith home.  ~Kim Sweeney, UU Religious Educator

Post date: Jun 4th 2018

Words to Live By:

Post date: Apr 29th 2018

    For my first Mother’s Day Sunday as a Director of Religious Education, I was asked to choose and tell the Story for All Ages.  As I sorted through the many books written for children around Mother’s Day, I realized that these books – lovely though they

Post date: Apr 18th 2018

“[We] want to ensure that we offer a religious home so relevant, meaningful, and sustaining that our children will choose to remain Unitarian Universalists throughout their lives.” ~Judith Frediani, former director, Lifespan Faith Development for the UU

Post date: Mar 1st 2018

Words to Live By

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”

Dr. Cornel West

Post date: Feb 17th 2018

Hello, friends. I am heartbroken at the thought that twice in less than a year, I am sending an email on how to help children talk about events such as the news coming out of Sandy Hook Elementary School this morning.  Sometimes it is impossibly hard to be the adult ...

Post date: Feb 1st 2018

Words to Live By

“…the free and responsible search for truth and meaning…”

Unitarian Universalist Association Covenant of Congregations,

Fourth Principle