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Post date: Jun 26th 2015

I wrote this a few days after the devastating murders in South Carolina.  Because of the nature of our newsletter publication deadlines, and because of how quickly it seems our culture moves from topic to topic, I'm unsure of the collective psyche when you read this.

Post date: May 28th 2015

    It happened again!

Post date: Apr 29th 2015

      In April our church hosted Dr. Mark Hicks and Julica Hermann.

Post date: Mar 26th 2015

    There is this one room at my seminary that is just awful.

Post date: Feb 25th 2015

For those of you who are considering a road trip this summer, but wondering how to make this the most UU summer ever, I’ve got good news for y

Post date: Jan 28th 2015

Why Diversity? Why now?

Post date: Dec 30th 2014

If I were invited to offer a prayer at my alma mater, at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, this is what I'd say:

Great and loving God, 

Post date: Nov 27th 2014

    When I was a kid (and still a little bit today) balloons made me sad.

Post date: Sep 26th 2014

 I remember when I was a student at LSU, there used to be a room in the Union called the “Plantation Room.” There was considerable controversy when they proposed changing the name to the “Magnolia Room.” The controversy got me thinking about the ways th

Post date: Aug 26th 2014

Here is a letter I wrote to the Metro Council last month after they failed to pass a fairness ordinance. 8 council members voted for continuing discrimination. 4 opposed it.