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Associate Minister's Blog

Post date: Nov 1st 2018

An open letter to the congregation from your Associate Minister.

Post date: Sep 29th 2018

If there were a Zombie Apocalypse, these are the hymns we would sing:

1 May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

53 I Walk the Unfrequented Road

6 Just As Long As I Have Breath

12 O Life That Maketh All Things New

Post date: Aug 30th 2018

Five things to do when talking about your faith with someone else.

Post date: Jul 29th 2018

From the “Too Many River Metaphors” service on July 22, 2018

Post date: Jul 2nd 2018

Last month our Unitarian Universalist General Assembly was held in Kansas City, Missouri. Four of your staff and three of our church members attended. In no particular order here are some brief observations and take aways from our faith's annual gathering:

Post date: Jun 1st 2018

   It is officially hurricane season. Make sure you are prepared. Get your candles, batteries, and make a plan for getting gas and where you’ll evacuate if you need to. For most of us who have been through a few hurricane seasons, this is all pretty standard.

Post date: Apr 28th 2018

On Easter Sunday I preached a short reflection on resurrection. A few people asked for a printed copy of it. Here it is: (although talking about resurrection in May is completely out of the normal liturgical calendar, so please forgive):

Post date: Apr 5th 2018

For forty days, I refused to say no. Last year for Lent, I decided to say yes to any request. I had only two rules: the request must do no harm, and to keep the practice authentic, I couldn’t tell anyone about it until it was over. 

Post date: Mar 1st 2018

    I am not ignoring you. That is to say, I am not intentionally ignoring you. This year for Lent I’m giving up phone notifications. I know, I know, it sounds like a pretty lame thing to give up. Well, it does to me anyway.

Post date: Feb 1st 2018

    As I’m sure most of you know by now Steve has announced his retirement. You should know that Steve is a tremendous minister, and I am lucky to have worked with him. It is rare to find a minister with such a strong combination of caring, vision and a commitment to shared ministry.