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Post date: Oct 7th 2019

Some of you have been asking, so I will officially confirm it here: Lauren and I are expecting another child this November. We are very excited. This congregation has been very respectful throughout the pregnancy, and I am quite grateful for that.

Post date: Sep 1st 2019

I write my sermons with you in mind. That’s right, you, the person reading this.

Post date: Aug 1st 2019

An ode to Sadie Roberts-Joseph: Sadie Roberts-Joseph spent years curating a museum underneath the interstate - you know the interstate our government put right through the middle of a historically black neighborhood (and by that I mean a neighborhood that has been black since emancipation).

Post date: Jul 13th 2019

Believe it or not, it's already that time. Our first interim minister, Beth Miller, leaves this month. Our longer-term interim minister, Joel Miller, starts August 1.

Post date: Jul 13th 2019

We went to print before his return from a month’s mini-sabbatical and a week’s vacation. When you read this Reverend Nathan will be back catching up on emails, receiving your phone calls, and preparing his sermon for June 2nd. Welcome back, Nathan!

Post date: Apr 27th 2019

On Sabbatical and will return on Tuesday, May 28. If you have any ministerial needs please contact The Reverend Beth Miller at or 617-893-1949.

Post date: Apr 27th 2019

Thank you, Congregation. Thank you, Board. Thank you Beth and Joel (our interims). Thank you for allowing me to take a one-month sabbatical.

Post date: Mar 4th 2019

It’s Lent. What are you planning on giving up or taking on? Growing up I learned that Lent was a time to give up something you normally consume that you know you shouldn’t – cigarettes, sugar, soda, etc.

Post date: Feb 1st 2019
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Post date: Jan 1st 2019

The second sermon I ever preached was called “The Holy In-Between.” (I want to tell you it’s the first sermon I’ve ever preached because that would sound more poignant, but, alas, that’s not the way my life unfolded). While I was in seminary, I was given Sunday, December 26 to preach.