Camphor/UU Partnership

      The Camphor/UU Partnership grew out of a series of community-wide meetings held in Baton Rouge in 1999,  the goal of which was promotion of  racial harmony in the Baton Rouge community. One outcome of the meetings was pairing of black and white congregations of different faith traditions.  The Camphor/UU Partnership is one of just two of the original fifteen pairings  that have continued without interruption, due largely to the  deep and long-term friendships that have developed between participating Partnership  members of our church and our counterparts of Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church, located in the Scotlandville area of North Baton Rouge.  The  Partnership’s success  is as well  a tribute to  the dedicated commitment of the individuals  who have served as coordinators of the respective churches through the years: Nathan Smith for  Camphor;  and for our church,  the late Dick Schroth, in the Partnership’s early years; and the late Dave Zimmerman,  until his death in 2010.  Nathan Smith and Dave Zimmerman were recipients of awards by a community organization in 2008 for their contributions to furthering  racial harmony in our city. 


         The Camphor/UU Partnership is open to all members and friends and provides the opportunity for  fostering  inter-racial and inter-faith interactions and friendships.  The meeting on June 18th can serve as an introduction for those interested in considering occasional or regular participation. We are indebted to Kay Zimmerman for stepping into the role of her late husband  as coordinator for our church, ensuring continuation of our enduring Camphor/UU Partnership.


        For more information, please contact Charles or Joann Fryling or Kay Zimmerman