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One of the aspects of our church community which I really cherish is the openness and access to information and decision-making in our congregation which our UU tradition and church provides its members. I think there must be an inverse-square law that says something like, “the amount of freedom someone has in a community is inversely proportional to the square of the amount of secrecy about and lack of access to decision-making in that community”. 


Our bylaws and policies are posted on our website under governance.  Members are invited to attend and participate in board and congregational meetings, and published open meeting minutes and financial reports are available for any members review.  We actively encourage members to participate in church activities, planning, projects and leadership.  While it may take a while to find where the information is, or in grand UU fashion you may get more than one answer (or opinion), the information you may be seeking is available.  There is a place at the table for your input and participation.


Back in January, the membership approved the 2012 annual budget presented by the Trustee for Finance and the board.  Our congregation met on Sunday May 20th, and elected board of trustees, and chairpersons and members of committees specified in the bylaws.


The members also listened to a presentation, and then discussed and passed a motion for the church board and staff to implement a proposed independent feasibility study of our church membership’s readiness and commitment to future growth as outlined in our strategic plan.  The feasibility study is scheduled to be conducted during the month of August, and the board will report the results to the membership.  There will be more votes by the membership to approve the upcoming stages of fund-raising, planning and project work ahead.  Thanks to all the members who attended, asked questions and provided their ideas and suggestions for the feasibility study and ongoing work to support and grow our church.  Expect to see several meetings and other opportunities over the summer and into the fall to roll up your sleeves, get into the nitty-gritty, and participate.  Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.


Thank you to all who worked in planning, nominations, and preparations for the congregational meeting, and to those who volunteered to serve our church in leadership roles for the 2012-13 governance cycle.


Our next board meeting will be held on Thursday June 14th, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the church office. Interested members are welcome to attend.  If you have a question or concern, or need to contact me directly, please call me at 225-931-6270 or email me at