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Phew!  March is over and April has begun.  Have you recuperated from all our activities last month? Ready to start April with a clean slate? Thanks to all who planned and participated in the Congregational Meeting in late February, and the Governance & Ministry workshop with Dan Hotchkiss, hosting a weekend with Dominic Crossan, and the annual church auction in March.  Your committed support and involvement in our church's community life and activities is crucial to its continuance. The Congregational Meeting was well attended, and the Strategic Plan updates were presented and approved by the membership.

We learned some very important information and received recommendations about church governance from Dan, which we received at a critical time, which will be used in the ongoing work to implement the strategic plan, and improve board and staff functioning.

The Nominating Committee work is ongoing, in preparation for a slate of trustees, and other elected positions to be voted on by the membership at the May 20th Congregational Meeting in the Sanctuary, at 12:45 pm.

Also note that the General Assembly is in Phoenix, AZ this year, June 20-24, 2012.  We have received delegate cards, at least a few members and staff are already planning to attend.  If you are a UCBR member and have an interest in being a delegate, please contact me.  More information about the GA can be found at:  I recall attending the GA in Little Rock, AR, in the mid-1980s with Ed Driedger, and it was a very interesting experience.

Our next board of trustees meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 19th at 7:15 PM in the church office. Interested members are welcome to attend.  If you have a question or concern, or need to contact me directly, please call me at 225-931-6270 or email me at