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Speed Visioning

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Speed   Visioning

 Like speed dating but for congregational sharing

hosted by Governance Task Force

 Policy Governance tasks our elected board with maintaining the vision of the congregation and asks the Ministry Team Leader to manage the daily operations of our church. One of the tenets of policy governance is the board must maintain a link to the congregation so that they are representing the wishes and dreams of our members.

 Last year the board held two Town Hall meetings to assist them in planning for the future of our church.  In this re-imagined town hall they hope to accomplish the following:

       -allow members to learn about areas/ministries of the church

        of which they may not be familiar

      -allow folks to meet and connect one on one with each other,

        perhaps even meet new friends

          -allow ministry areas to partake in the leadership of the

       church and be identified as such

      -allow the board to have direct contact and a forum for

       exchange with members 

      -hear comments of appreciation, concern, hopes and dreams

          -provide a fun way to get involved in church governance and


 What is it?   Speed Visioning is a 90 minute event made up of 15 “dates” lasting 5 minutes each.  A "date" consists of a one-on-one meeting with representatives from various areas of responsibility within the church – staff, board, teams and volunteers. 

 Members of the Board and Governance Task Force will have a table and signup sheet after each Sunday service on the following days:   March 8,  March 15 and March 22 for your participation at 1 of 4 sessions:

·        Tuesday March 24 at 6:30p

·        Sunday March 29 at 1:00p

·        Tuesday April 7 at 6:30p

·        Saturday April 11 at 9:30a

 We will only have 15 seats at each session so signup early to reserve your spot.  Additional sessions may be added depending on demand.

 We have purposefully chosen various days and times to accommodate parents per their feedback after the last town hall.  We hope this accommodates the needs of all our members.  As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue to learn and grow ourselves and our church.  See you at Speed Visioning.