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Governance Task Force

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    As mentioned previously, the elected board, outgoing board, team leaders and staff met in May for the first annual retreat under our new policy governance.  The focus was on creating an Annual Vision of Ministry (AVOM) to help guide the church programmatically in the next year.   One of the takeaways from this retreat was recognition by all that Great Expectations Campaign implementation and ongoing transition into policy governance is and will require a lot of staff time and energy.  The next year will be a busy one with much to do and we are off to a great start. 

  Ends/Means Distinction: In the Board Policy Manual and as the Church discusses planning for the next year, we will often use the terms “ends” and “means”.  An “ends/outcomes” policy statement sets forth the desired outcomes, the intended beneficiaries of the results, and the acceptable costs.  Defining ends/outcomes is a function of Governance.  “Means” are the methods that are employed to accomplish the desired ends/outcomes.  Determining the appropriate means is a function of Ministry, except in those situations where the Board of Trustees has implemented policies that either limit or require certain means.   We believe these distinctions are helpful to assist everyone in getting used to the “new normal”.   Listed below are the Areas of Focus as identified during the AVOM retreat.  These have been established by the board as the ENDS.  Under policy governance, the staff will meet and plan their goals and activities for the next year.  That planning will then inform a draft budget which will then be vetted by the board and presented to the congregation for pre approval prior to launch of the annual budget drive for 2015.  Those goals, activities and the budget proceeds are the MEANS by which the ENDS can be fulfilled – that is our job as the congregation – we fund people and programs that fulfill the dreams and aspirations of the congregation as a whole as expressed to board members during town halls, etc.  It continues to be an inspirational and fulfilling task to work with this governance transition and we thank you for the opportunity.  Governance Task Force:  Capi, Mike H., Diana and Nancy G.

 Areas of Focus for 2014 - 2015

Provide more UU specific experiences and engagement opportunities:  Programs, Events, Worship, Spiritual development

Policy Governance Transition and Implementation

  • Personnel, B&G, Stewardship and Finance responsibilities transition to Ministry Team Leader

  • Restructure of current finance infrastructure to provide better financial management

  • Creation of all Policy and procedure manuals, emergency procedures to fulfill requirements of board policy book and full integration of Policy Governance.

Administration of the Great Expectations Campaign

  • GES campaign communications; managing construction and planning processes

  • Planning and fulfillment of additional staffing

  • Maintaining pledge collections for multi-year donors