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Governance Task Force Update

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Thank you, congregation for approving bylaw changes needed for policy governance to take effect! 

 Since the congregational meeting in April, the GTF has been concentrating on the May board and staff retreat and on the transition of responsibility for administrative functions to the Ministry Team Leader (MTL).  The Board appointed Rev. Steve Crump to this position, so we are working with Steve to design teams and structures to carry out the functions and recruit people to serve.

 The Board and Staff retreat, held May 23-24 at the Feliciana Retreat Center, was intense but fruitful.  Many thanks to those in attendance which included:  new and retiring Board members, all staff (paid and volunteer), council leaders and the GE Steering Committee.   The goal of the retreat was to adopt a Vision of Ministry with a few areas of focus to provide guidance to staff as they create work plans for the next 1-2 years.  The retreat also yielded a few "open questions" to take back to the congregation to help with future planning.  The retreat and open questions are all part of the new annual planning calendar adopted with policy governance. Retreat discussions included a review of comments from the town hall meeting as well as brainstorming sessions with all attendees.  Look for more information on retreat outcomes in next months's newsletter. 

We are going to miss Kelli Gilbert, who has been a dedicated member from the onset of the GTF and serving as co-chair for the last year.  She will be spending the next year abroad.  Her commitment and leadership have been outstanding. If you see her before her departure tell her thanks as she has been invaluable to this team and transition process.  

 Governance Task force Members: Mike Hebert,  Diana Dorroh,   Capi Landreneau and   Kelli Gilbert.