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Governance Task Force Update

 May is here, and we have our first elected Board under the new policy governance structure!  This is a major milestone in our church.  And just as the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers, we weathered a few dark clouds last month as we worked through the by-law changes.  Now we’re excited to see the new governance system blossom and thrive.

 The new Board, along with the former Board members, all staff, council leaders, and the Governance Task Force goes on a two-day retreat this month.  This will be an opportunity for fellowship, meaningful conversations, and development of the Annual Vision of Ministry.   The Annual Vision of Ministry includes the goals and priorities of our church for the upcoming year and will guide the staff as well as the budget. 

 We will continue to assist the Board through the transition.   Many thanks to all who participated in the governance information sessions in April.  Your thoughtful questions and comments helped us greatly in this process.

                                                          April 27th Congregational Meeting Results

(1) The new policy governance bylaw changes were approved with 86 yeas, one nay and one abstention.

(2) A new Board, consistent with the new bylaws, was elected.

(3) The membership bylaw changes, by a vote of 56 yays and  27 nays, were returned to the Board for more conversation with the congregation.