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Governance Task Force Update

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Governance Task force Members: Mike Hebert,

Diana Dorroh, Capi Landreneau or Kelli Gilbert.

  Has it really been two years?  In 2012 the Board of Trustees reflected on the positive growth of our church and the vision that members expressed in cottage meetings and elsewhere.   They discerned that our current structure was not allowing our leaders or our staff to work efficiently. Upon further reflection, they noted that much of the Board’s time in meetings was spent discussing buildings and grounds, personnel and operational issues that our minister was handling on a day to day basis but requiring the board to approve each step, thereby making the process cumbersome and time consuming.  After dealing with these tasks, little time was left to reflect on the overall strategic plan of the church much less sped time envisioning what the future of the church was to be and creating ways to get there.

 So, the Board appointed a Governance Task Force (GTF) and charged them with developing and implementing a governance change resulting in a Board of Trustees that focuses on the goals and vision of the congregation, while delegating authority to the staff to manage the ministry and other functions of the church (the day to day operations).

 Fast forward to Spring 2014. The 2012/13 Board wrote a Board Policy manual and the 2013/14 Board appointed a Policy Governance Committee which has meeting since September and has been using the format recommended for a policy governance board.  The Policy Governance Committee hosted a Town Hall Meeting to listen to the congregation.  This work has been done very carefully and with much consultation and discussion with Rev. Crump, as well as senior staff and other church leaders and has been affirmed by the Board.  Our main task for the last two months has been to draft a revision of the bylaws to concur with the new policy governance model.  It is difficult work but extremely important, as the bylaws serve as the voice of the congregation.

Now we are ready to launch the new policy governance model with a new elected Board of Trustees.   But before that can happen, we need everyone to review the proposed bylaw changes and make sure to attend the congregational meeting on Sunday, April 27th to vote.  We will continue to have proposed bylaw change informational sessions after each service for the next four Sundays (March 30, April 6, April 13, and April 20).   You may also access the proposed changes on the Church’s website on the home page and on the Governance page. 

 Please plan to attend at least one Sunday morning session before our congregational meeting, and thank you to all who have attended a session.  The questions and comments have been thoughtful and helped us with final revisions.  See you Sunday.