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Governance Task Force Update

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Since the first of the year, members of our Board of Trustees, the Policy Governance Committee (PGC), and of course, Reverend Crump and staff, have been busy working on the final components needed for the transition to the new governance system.  Many thanks to all who have contributed to these behind-the-scene efforts with good cheer and dedication. The results have been fantastic!

So now… we’re taking it to the streets…. or rather to our first town hall meeting.   The Governance Task Force and the Policy Governance Committee, along with the Connections Council will host a congregation-wide Town Hall Meeting, Sunday, February 16th at 12:45pm.  We'll gather in the sanctuary and then break out into small discussion groups, where lunch will be provided.   The focus will be on “open questions.”  Open questions are the big, philosophical questions, ones that do not have ready answers.  These questions should invite creative thinking, exploration, and we hope, interesting and lively discussion.  The town hall model is a crucial piece of the new governance structure.  This will be a regular opportunity for the PGC, and in the future, the elected Board, to learn firsthand what our priorities are as a congregation, including our short-term and long-term hopes and dreams.    Mark your calendars and get ready to share your thoughts. 

                                                                                                     Members:  Karen Girardot, Mike Hebert, Diana Dorroh, Capi Landreneau, Kelli Gilbert