Camphor United Methodist Church and Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Partnership

We have enjoyed an enduring partnership with Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church in the Scotlandville community as the result of pairings between churches in Greater Baton Rouge initiated more than twenty years ago with the goal of developing relationships across racial and religious divides. One activity that has become a Partnership tradition is an annual Christmas party hosted by JoAnn and Charlie Fryling at their home. Information for members who would like to attend this event and learn more about the Camphor-UU Partnership can be found below.

Partnership Holiday Celebration

Monday, December 5th, 6pm.

JoAnn & Charlie Fryling's home

1068 East Lakeview Dr, BR

Come meet the wonderful folks of

Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church

as they get to enjoy your company as well.

RSVP: 225-766-3120 (home), 225-921-4149 (cell)


History of the Camphor Memorial Methodist Church/Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Partnership

The Camphor/UU Partnership grew out of a series of community-wide meetings held in Baton Rouge in 1999, the goal of which was promotion of racial harmony in the Baton Rouge community. One outcome of the meetings was pairing of black and white congregations of different faith traditions. The Camphor/UU Partnership is one of just two of the original fifteen pairings that have continued without interruption, due largely to the deep and long-term friendships that have developed between participating Partnership members of our church and our counterparts of Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church, located in the Scotlandville area of North Baton Rouge. The Partnership’s success is as well a tribute to the dedicated commitment of the individuals who have served as coordinators of the respective churches through the years: Nathan Smith for Camphor; and for our church, the late Dick Schroth, in the Partnership’s early years; and the late Dave Zimmerman, until his death in 2010. Nathan Smith and Dave Zimmerman were recipients of awards by a community organization in 2008 for their contributions to furthering racial harmony in our city.

Also a factor in the Partnership’s success is the consistency of regular meetings, hosted alternately by the member Partners, when the agendas might include discussions of topics related to racial issues, race relations in general, and other topics of interest; planning of special non-meeting activities and events; and reports of activities of respective churches. Non-meeting educational and entertainment activities have included attendance at plays, football games, visits to art and history museums, and holiday parties. A popular and much-anticipated activity of earlier years that included many participants of both churches were bus trips to and all-day picnics at the United Methodist Church’s Gulfside Assembly in Waveland, Mississippi. Gulfside was totally devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but is currently being rebuilt. Partnership members have attended together the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day services and marches, marching behind a banner proudly proclaiming the “Camphor United Methodist/Unitarian Universalist Partnership.”

The Camphor/UU Partnership is open to all members and friends and provides the opportunity for fostering inter-racial and inter-faith interactions and friendships.