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July 2019 Associate Minister's Column by The Reverend Nathan A. Ryan

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Believe it or not, it's already that time. Our first interim minister, Beth Miller, leaves this month. Our longer-term interim minister, Joel Miller, starts August 1. Those of you who just saw Sunday mornings may have missed some of the amazing ministry Beth has done. 

Her charge was stability for the congregation and staff. She provided consistency as we all said goodbye to Steve. Her mantra "tweaks not changes" created a space for us to breathe in the intermediate time. That is good grieving practice: breathe and wait.

Beth held a staff retreat and met with us weekly. She guided board, nominating committee and church leaders through this transition. She met with Together Baton Rouge and helped with our interfaith collaborations. She did all of this while managing her own transitions: landing a job in Florida, moving and selling her house in Massachusetts.

Beth is well respected throughout our denomination. It was an honor to work with her and our church is better for her service. Thank you, Beth.