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VOTE to release funds for Sanctuary Renovation project ~ Sunday, July 8, 12:45pm. Your Board of Trustees recommends a vote by the congregation to release available funds so the project can continue.  The ceiling lighting is nearly complete with track spotlights to be installed soon. (Authorized by the first congregational release of funds in January 2017.)  The elements of the projects and their estimated cost allocations are being discussed at the close of worship services (last month and again) on Sunday, July 1.  Please do attend to get informed so that we can have an efficient meeting with a fully informed membership. We need a quorum.

Legacy ~I would love to see completed projects that we have talked about for years.  I am a competitive person and mostly I compete with myself.  Ah, but we are finite, contingent beings, and lately, I have recognized those facts also apply to your out-going minister. Preacher, listen to your preaching.  The month of December is hardly a time to re-dedicate the sanctuary, so the congregation may well be celebrating its completion without me, unless, of course, we finish the sanctuary project in November.  But the sanctuary does not belong to any minister. The pulpit itself is merely on loan, a lease agreement, with the presiding minister. Don't you love teachable moments? Yes, I would love to see the sanctuary re-dedicated in November, the month of the 30th anniversary of our 1988 sanctuary, but . . . yeah, yeah, I know:  we are not ultimately in control of the events of the cosmos. This project, as fast as we are working, may simply not get finished before the interim minister arrives in January. But once finished, it will be techno-smart and we think beautiful, ready to welcome you and to welcome all those who have yet to enter in.

Blast from the Past 2001 ~Liberal Portions: A Collection of Recipes to Celebrate the 50th Year Anniversary of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge cookbooks are sold out and out of print, but here is a statement of mine, that appeared in the rear, after all the recipes, entitled The Cookin' Congregation:

You can heat something up on the spur of the moment. You toss my salad. You are the berries. You season with a dash of this and that and pour on the Tony Chachere's. With you the soup's on but the kitchen's never too hot.  In fact you casse-role me in delight.  On Sunday morning, you ask me not to bring groceries, but to prepare a meal. You are the culinary gourmets of galloping surprises, an herb garden of diversity. You'd bring corn to church to honor me.  Yea, you prefer your meetings short, your coffee strong.  You simmer and stir me with love. Surely, that's why my gravy boat overflows.  Goodness, I get to serve you real bread. Mercy, you are the baker's dozen and the Tabasco of my life.

Today, I would add to the above piece:  This ministry's been grace and lagniappe beyond measure.