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Rising into Summer Session at UCBR

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June 5, 2016 is the first Sunday of our summer session in Religious Education for Children and Youth.

This year children and youth will “rise” up to their next grade level at the beginning of the summer session rather than waiting for fall. For some children and youth, this means that they will be going to a different class.

For example, at 9:30, "rising" First Graders will go to Big Sundays of Surprises, and rising Seventh Graders will go to the worship service (because they have "aged-out" of the RE program at 9:30).

At 11:15, rising Kindergartners will go to Flames (K-1) class,

rising Second Graders will go to Blazes (2-3) class,

rising Fourth Graders will go to Mysteries (4-5) class,

rising Sixth Graders will go to Questioners Middle Youth (6-8) class,

and rising Ninth and Tenth Graders will go to Seekers Senior Youth (9-12) class.