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What's Happening in RE on April 10?

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9:30 am

Little Sundays of Surprises (Age 3- Grade K)

Chalice Children: Block Sunday

In this session the children will learn to see themselves as cooperative and caring friends in a community. They will practice the skills needed to work cooperatively with others

Big Sundays of Surprises (Grade 1-6)

Timeless Themes: The Temptations of Jesus

The children will explore the idea of “temptation” with the story of how Jesus was tempted.

11:15 am

Sparks Preschool (Ages 3-4)

Story Time: Where the Wild Things Are

The children will explore wild feelings and the appropriate way of expressing them.

Flames (Grades K-1)

World of Wonder: Green Energy

This session will introduce the concept of “Green” energy, and teach ways to conserve energy.

Blazes (Grades 2-4)

Signs of Our Faith: Finding Beauty in Uniqueness

In this session the children will recognize ways they are unique, see how diversity strengthens our UU community, and practice respectful cultural sharing.

Questioners Middle Youth (Grades 5-7)

Heeding the Call: The Call for Joy

This week the Questioners Middle Youth will be encouraged to see joy as an important quality in justice making and imagine ways to feel more joyful and spread joy to others

Passages (Grades 8-9)

Coming of Age: Credo Worship Service Practice

Seekers Senior Youth (Grades 10-12)

Principled Music: You Had to Pick on Me

This week the Seekers Senior Youth examine more songs that have been written about bullying.