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- President

From the Board

By Nancy Gilbert, Board President

- Education

    Look for Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education classes a bit later in the semester.

- Social Justice

Social Justice

Bobby Thompson, Director of Social Justice

- Music

 August is a month of wrapping up the summer activities and setting agendas for the coming fall season.   One of my most important summer activities has been the conference for the Unitarian Universalist Musician’s Network.   This summer the UUMN met i

- Assistant Minister

This month marks two years that I have served as your assistant minister, and it seemed a good time to reflect. Let me start by saying that it has been an absolute honor to serve you.

- Minister

Preliminary Design Presentation, coming to church on Sunday, August 17:Feast your eyes on the general design (exterior campus only) to be unveiled after the second service on 8/17.  We'll be cons

- Governance

    As mentioned previously, the elected board, outgoing board, team leader

- President

    This month marks the second month in which the UCBR Board has been meeting under its new policy governance model.  Here’s some of the changes that have been made.    The Board now holds its regular meetings on the third Tuesday of every month from

- Social Justice

Together Baton Rouge which we are a member church will need volunteers to help distribute food to areas considered food deserts through our mobile food pantries. We will be at St. Michael Episcopal Church 1620 77th Avenue.

- Music

July 16 is the first rehearsal for the 2014 Gospel Choir.