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The Reverend Beth Williams, Director of Religious Education
Begins here June 1.

More RE News by Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant:

The spring had flown by and we’re now storming into summer. And what a great spring this has been — a vibrant Easter-Flower Communion service with a fun Easter egg hunt afterwards, the colorful Beltane potluck and May Poll dance (my first!), Community Worship for Mother’s Day and three Sundays of our children singing during service. It’s been especially wonderful for me since I left Baton Rouge years ago and miss the great camraderie that is UCBR.

There are lots of photos from these events posted to the UCBR DRE Facebook page. If you are not a member of Facebook or just want a copy of your own, please email me at and I will send you an original. You can also download the photos straight from the Facebook page.

June marks the beginning of our summer curriculum and it’s very exciting. Please note that the children should continue in the age group that they have been attending this school year. We do not advance children to the next age group until the new school and church years start in August.

Nursery services will continue for both services for ages birth through 3-year-olds and Wednesdays of Wonder for mixed ages — offered to provide childcare for adult programming — will continue throughout the summer except for the Wednesdays immediately before and after the 4th of July.

This summer, the Sparks class (ages 2-4, preschool) will be discussing the great lessons of Dr. Seuss. Each week the children will read a beloved Dr. Seuss book and talk about the morals contained within. Both Flames 9:30 a.m. & Flames 11:30 a.m. (ages 5-6) will enjoy a “Summer of Celebrations” with children discussing a different worldwide holiday or holy day within circle time and then enjoying a related activity or independent work time. We are combining Blazes and Mysteries classes (ages 7-10) and they will enjoy a “Summer of Celebrations” as well.

Middle & Senior Youth will be combined over the summer (grades 5-12) and they will be watching “The Simpsons” to discuss the curriculum from “The Gospel According to ‘The Simpsons,’” as well as the UU supplement to this book. The two classes will start each week in the Senior Youth room together to view that week’s assigned “Simpsons” episode and then split out into their separate rooms for discussion. So, the fun never ends at UCBR RE.

Now that we have The Reverend Beth Williams arriving to lead the RE program, I will be heading back to Lafayette after June 15. I have so very much enjoyed working with all of you, will miss your smiling faces and all the amazing children I have grown to love. I will not, however, miss the drive (LOL) but I thank you for this incredible opportunity. It has been a valuable education, a blessing and a joy.