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Class Presentations – As we head into summer, our religious education classes are ready to share with the congregation something they have learned during the past church year.

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Chalice Quest Camp – We Did It! 

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How are Unitarian Universalists called to respond to violence? Our Unitarian Universalist children learn that peace is the answer. But what about those unthinkable acts of destruction that happen in our world, our country, and sometimes even in our own community.

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 Rev. Beth Williams, Director of Religious Education

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The Reverend Beth Williams, Director of Religious Education
Begins here June 1.

More RE News by Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant:

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Introducing The Reverend Beth Williams, Director of Religious Education, who begins here in June

Greetings and good wishes to you all. My name is Beth Williams and I am honored to have been chosen to serve this congregation as your next Director of Religious Education.

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by Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant

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From Cheré Coen, R.E. Administrative Assistant

It’s with great pleasure that I return to UCBR as the administrative assistant to the Religious Education program. I have such fond memories of my time here with the Hurricane Relief Project (minus the hurricane, of course) and I’ve really missed the church and the welcoming congregation.

 I will be on hand every week during worship service, Wednesday evenings for Wednesdays of Wonder and all special events requiring childcare. And I’ll be calling or emailing many of you to persuade you to volunteer with our awesome RE program.

If I haven’t met you already, please introduce yourself. I would love to meet each and every parent and child. And please stop in the office and say hello.

 Also, to make it easier for us to keep in touch in this social media age, we have Yahoo groups for the different age groups, so please join up or let me know and I will make sure you are included. We send out reminders to volunteers, class event news and other happenings through Yahoo and emails. UCBR also has a Facebook page titled UCBR DRE, so log on, connect and join the conversation.

 If you need to contact me through email, it’s My cell is (337) 781-0231.